Festival of Multiethnic Republic [Torino-Italy]

Tuesday, June 2 was held the sixth edition of the Festival of Multiethnic Republic.
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The main theme of this year, as evidenced by the subtitle "Travels of extraordinary humanity", will be precisely the journey. The journey outward, physical, that they make hundreds of thousands of people each day to escape from war, persecution and hunger, and that often leads to a tragic death in the Mediterranean Sea has become an open-air graveyard. But the journey between cultures, between feelings, between positive stories of who did it and try to build a better world based on his experience.

A trip will also be the one that will introduce us to a parallel situation, that of migration between Latin America and the United States: in place of the sea there are the desert and a wall built to stop the legitimate aspirations of migrants to a better life.

The spirit that characterizes the organization of this initiative is to meet and know each other, learn to share ideas, proposals and problems, looking for common solutions. And, considering the social situation that becomes more difficult every day, it is increasingly necessary to work together, side by side, with all the organizations that want to do: find commonalities between people of different backgrounds and cultures, the discovery of ' another, sharing, solidarity, reciprocity, are our goals.

The Republic should be really "thing of all" human beings who live there. It should not be normal to have to say that "migrants are people like us," as the Pope said, and many more after the shipwreck of April 19 last: how is it that in 2015 it is still necessary to explain what is a human being this our republic calling itself democratic? Immigration is not a problem of public order, not a threat, it is a necessity and an opportunity, as it has always been in the history of mankind. The multiethnic and multicultural society is already our present, we want to make it clear to the streets, in a moment of joy and sharing.

We aim to promote with all the realities and people who want to join us:

the eradication of all forms of racism and violence
- freedom of movement and residence for all
- the right to citizenship for those born in Italy
- the abolition of discriminatory laws Turkish-Napolitano, Bossi-Fini and Security Package
- the closure and abolition of the CIE (Centre for Identification and Expulsion)
- denunciation of the exploitation of immigrant labor and all the exploited people and weak
- equal rights and duties for everyone regardless of their country of origin, language, religion, political ideology, social class, income, interests, aspirations and sexual orientation
- The opening of humanitarian corridors to Europe for those fleeing from persecution and the recognition of the right of asylum in Europe.

With one goal: a society free from feelings, thoughts and acts of discrimination and violence.
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