We worry about silence [Buenos Aires - Argentina]


Declaration of Convergence of Cultures in Argentina:

Past wednesday 29 of July took place a press conference on indigenous people Formosa, waiting for a responde of the Governement:

"We go more than five months encamping in the city of Buenos Aires, in the open air(outdoors), because in the province of Formosa we have exhausted all the forms in order that they listen to us and it never happened. The government does not listen to us. We worry about the silence of the National Government. We worry about the silence of the Supreme Court of Justice. We worry about the silence of the Senate of the Nation. We worry about the silence of the Deputies Nacionales. We worry the silence of the mass media that sympathize with the government, because it seems that they are accomplices of whom they do not listen to to us. We worry about the silence of the society opposite to this violation that we have to live … "