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Convergence of Cultures takes leave from Silo, the inspiration for New Humanism.

Convergence of Cultures reports the death of the philosopher Mario Luis Rodríguez Cobos (Silo), founder of "Universalist Humanism" or "New Humanism", school of thought that inspires this international organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating dialogue between cultures and combat all forms of violence and discrimination.

Silo's thought, expressed in works such as Humanize the Earth, Contributions to Thought, Psychology Notes or Universal Root Myths, among others, puts the human being as the central value and proposes active nonviolence as a method for humanizing the Earth Action, helping to increase freedom and happiness of human beings.

All the team of Convergence of Cultures expresses profound thanks to Silo for his immense legacy, which is not just a school of thought but a feeling and a way of life. Following the doctrine of Silo, the humanists from Convergence of Cultures know that only from the best of every culture and every individual, it will be possible to eliminate all forms of violence and build a Universal Human Nation.