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In front of the refugees crisis in Europe, the position of Convergence of Cultures

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In recent weeks we have seen the greatest humanitarian tragedy lived for decades in Europe. While not a new phenomenon, this mass exodus has recently taken a magnitude never seen before, it says only comparable to what happened in World War II. Except that then the crowded trains were not trying to get to Europe, but to flee.


The media reflect their titles amazement and emotion of the people, even whether they fit less legitimate interests of those citizens apathetic, who until recently lived quietly ignoring the tragedies of the neighbors.


We announced from some time the great historical crisis that was brewing; the current situation, therefore, not catches us by surprise, but it angers us. We hear once again the responsibility to clarify the key points that are usually forgotten or hidden:


1- The starting points of the exodus are those in which the EU and its ally, the United States (if not the Russia) have conducted military interventions promoted or armed conflicts. Still ringing echoes of the so-called "preventive wars", thanks to manipulation by those who have created the conditions for the rise of Islamic terrorism, when they have not trained, armed and launched for political and economic interests.


2- This crisis reveals the falsity of the alleged absence of borders within the European Union, which has always favored the free circulation of goods and capital, more than that of the people. Schengen has been designed for a Europe of traders and not to a Europe of the peoples.


3- The shameful proposals for quotas hospitality trying to establish differences between refugees who are fleeing military wars or economic wars. They speak of human beings as if they were talking about milk quotas. Which court will decide the share of those who have the chance to live?


4- It is stirred once more the fear of Islam as an argument to try to limit what can not will be contained in in any way. This new attempt of the reactionaries is not only false and indecent, but shows his infinite hypocrisy.


However, despite all this injustice, once again it is the people, through the best European humanist traditions, to give a lesson of dignity and solidarity with our shameful politicians. Tens of thousands of people are offering their homes, neighborhood networks are organized to assist those who arrive in their cities and local administrators of new type fulfill the responsibilities that national governments and European institutions refuse.


Finally, we emphasize the need to understand that There will be no progress if not of all and for all, and that in spite of so much drama, people progresses slowly but inexorably towards the future Universal Human Nation.


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