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Convergence des Cultures en action. Activités récentes des différentes équipes dans le monde.
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Activities summary. Team of Convergence of Cultures Check Republic


In Check Republic, Convergence of Cultures project started along the preparation of the World March for Pease and Non-violence. Dozens of followers joined the Peace Party, which was held on Prague main square when the base team of the World March arrived in our country.


ChristmasAt the end of 2009 we had a Christmas meeting with a multicultural name “Christmas throughout Continents”. It was held in Prague. Among the attendees were various musicians and the representatives of many cultures who explained the way they celebrate Christmas and New Year in their different cultures. In that moment we had the chance to publish the first issue of the renovated multicultural magazine Ubuntu.



In January 2010 we started with a complaint on Adela Sobotkova’s site, who has created a racist group in Facebook. She abused of more than 130.000 people who wanted to offer help after Haiti’s earthquake, and changed the group’s name, which at the beginning aimed for help to Haiti people, to a very racist name. Check police are investigating this case without any results. We believe that this profile in Facebook was fake. At the end of January, we organized a multicultural table football tournament.

Along with the new year, a new website arrived as the official site in Facebook. During the year we issued the magazine Ubuntu which arrived to thousands of people through email.

In February a series of multicultural events and presentations were held. Thursday 25th February evening started with the participation of Emile China, a Roma poet. Besides conversations about Roma life and handicaps in Check Republic, China read some of his stories and poems. We continued with an evening dedicated to Macedonia, Georgia, Mali, Senegal and Turkmenistan. During the presentation, the attendees enjoyed stories, films, photography exhibitions, and there was time as well for traditional foods.

For the first time last year, Convergence of Cultures participated on the NGO’s market, one of the most important events in our country, where usually dozens of non-profit organizations take part. Thanks to the information stand we had, we met many interesting people who were informed of our projects. The same day, April 16th, we held the 13th Party for Africa, which was organized among other humanist organizations.

June 1st, children’s day in our country, we organized a day of multicultural activities addressed to children. Dozens of children with their mothers attended the event. In the afternoon the children enjoyed many activities. They could also play, sing and dance on the stage. Before summer holidays, we organized the concert “step toward integration”. The aim was not only to make visible to the most possible number of people the problem of immigrants and refugees in Check Republic, but also to get help for specific families with living difficulties situations. Some popular singers, Check musician groups, and some dancing groups attended the event in Retro Club. There was a photography exhibition, the organization presentation and also traditional food-tasting from some of the countries.

June 24th the event was called “Purple Day”. Through Facebook, we announced a day to support refugees. This day was designated by United Nations as Refugees World Day. We encouraged people to put on something purple during that day. Purple is told to represent courage, and people who fear to leave their homes, have then a lot of courage to make this decision. The main objective was to make people and media aware of the refugees problem. It was an action to save time which, due to popularity of social networks, had a great response.


After summer holidays, in September, we had the opportunity to meet, in Prague, three humanists from Kenia for three weeks. We made a series of events in schools and public debates. In Prague, the main event was called “Kenia in Prague”.

Since September, most of the members are working together with humanist movement and various organisms members, due to the reduction of most of the activities.

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