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Press Releases

Refugees rejected in Europe suffer inhuman treatment in Libya

We receive reports of violence from Libya, failing to assist the injured and the deportations to countries in humanitarian crisis. Many of the victims are men, women and children rejected by the European authorities, in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Convergence of Cultures calls for urgent action by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the Council of Europe and international organizations for Human Rights in response  to  the situation of some 350 refugees, who fled, due to humanitarian crises, from the Horn of Africa  being held, since June 30th  in the center of the internment Braq, 80 km from Sebah, in southern Libya..

At that same time, on June 30,  the Habeshia Agency and the Group EveryOne have been in communication by phone with some of the detainees, and henceforth  has been sounding this  international alarm: "We received an urgent appeal from  the 350 refugees detained in Libya who have been  moved from the prison Mishratah (measured) to the  Al Braq. There are about 80 children among them. They are subjected to vicious violence: beatings, inhuman and degrading treatment and  torture. The refugees have threatened to commit  suicide by ingesting toxic substances.

Two days later, came  this  new warning: some of the refugees tell us that they run the risk of being deported back to their  countries of origin, endangering their lives..

The Group EveryOne has added in its  message to the EU institutions and the UN, that "many of the tortured refugees  at risk of immediate deportation to countries that are in humanitarian crises, including Sudan and Eritrea, are from the rejections of  Italy and Malta.

Convergence of Cultures joins the Group EveryOne in calling for rapid action to prevent the worst humanitarian tragedy in the coming hours and finally stop, with an interim measure, the rejections of Italy and Malta, stemming from unfair and xenophobic policies in agreements with Libya, violating the Geneva Convention in its entirety.

Convergence of Cultures invites individuals and charity institutions, as well as the press, to publicly support these reports and proposals, by any means at their disposal.

Gaspare Tararà
Convergence of Cultures World Team

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